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Fitting a PowrTouch Mover. 
Many thanks to Paul for posting these instructions.

Carver Mover 2 and Euro Mover 2 manual

Reich Twin Axle Move Control

Motor mover information

Enduro Motor Mover fitting Tips

The polystyrene motor packaging that comes with the Enduro can be used to place the mover on while bolting up .
Look at this picture Click_here , where the cable enters the rubber cover ( The big plus sign ) , make sure that the cable end fitting fits fully and correctly on to the spade connection that is within the rubber ( it enters via a slit on the rubber , you'll see what i mean when you come to fit it ) .
It may be an idea to fit the cables to the motors before you fit them in place .
I used gasket sealer where the cable enters the motor rubber , to prevent any possibility of water getting in ( see picture ) .
Before doing cabling identify them with the little plastic numbers ( they are supplied ) .
If you want to transfer your mover to a different caravan in the future don't shorten the cables .
Think about where you fit the switch , if access is tight on the side where you have fitted it , you may not be able to turn the mover off once parked

Posted by Tykey
When I wired in my Enduro, exactly as per the diagram, one of the rollers went the wrong way round.
The internal wiring of the motors can (on occasion) be connected the wrong way round. It makes absolutely no difference to the performance, other than going the wrong way. Remember they are designed to go forwards and backwards, these odd motors go backwards and forwards
So if you have one, just swap over the wires from this motor at the control box, and Bob's your Uncle

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Here's some pictures of my fitted mover click on them to make the picture bigger .