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Hi all , i had my Truma regulator fail when we were away , luckly after leaving it till later in the day ( when it had got warmer ) it started working again .
So if your regulator fails first thing in the morning or when it's cold you may find it starts working later in the day , it may save you thowing away a
regulator that is still got some life in it .
After ours went wrong i decided to move it up higher inside the gas locker so the oily substance that blocks Truma regulators doesn't have a
chance of running into the regulator again .
I've also changed my connection pipe to a stainless steel one from Gaslow .
[ NOTE i recommend that you have a dealer move the regulator for you , do not do it yourself ]

Regulator position before .

Position after .

Thanks to Gary of for the link below. 
Low cost replacement regulators .